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So. Things I have decided for the classic dungeon crawl to date:

-You will all start as 1st level characters
-All core races are available (variety is encouraged. Show the halflings some love ;)
-You will have the following stat array before race modifiers 16 16 14 12 12 10 (Assign your stats however you want 16 str 10 dex 14 con etc)
-All paizo classes are available (I’m not going to force you into a 4 pillar fight/rogue/wizard/cleric party, though in a dungeon delve its always a good idea)
-We will be using a modified version of something called ‘E6’ (In our case P8 classes go up to level 8 and thereafter every x number of encounters/XP you accrue, you will get another feat of your choosing ad infinitum)
-We will be using the Downtime system (you all should have access to Ultimate Campaign and/or d20pfsrd.com) when not playing each week to see what your characters did that week
-MOST downtime play will be handled online (I have yet to decide what platform I want to use to keep track of this as email can become very cumbersome. I request suggestions from the floor)
-I may add in a small attrition force of -1 goods/labor/influence/magic per month if it seems necessary to balance the economy
-If someone is not available for a session, no prob, you simply go in without that player (the downtime system allows players to catch up on xp up to the highest players current maximum)
-IF (capital/star) we are all enjoying playing this I may add on the Kingdom building rules when the scope of your characters stories eventually support it.

You will start in a backwater village of a couple hundred people. It used to be a remote barracks/stop over point but has fallen into disrepair over the last few hundred years. A few days ride away, in the side of a mountain, caverns have been uncovered and people have been bringing back tales of deadly traps, monstrous creatures, and riches beyond your wildest dreams. This has caused the town to swell with hopefuls trying their hands (and heads) at a shot for the easy life.
You are one of these hopefuls.

Since I don’t have the time, money, or energy to run this until I’m done school/board exams we will be starting the actual around the table play months from now. So what incentive do I have for even making a character right now you may ask? Because there is more to being an adventurer than kicking open a door, killing a monster, and taking its stuff. Stuff like building your own tavern and get it to make money for you. (Enter incentive) From the time you submit to me a completed (digital) character sheet, any GP, Goods, Labor, Infuence, or Magic your character and/or its buildings/organizations earn, go toward increasing your personal starting funds when we do start play. This is over what is normal starting wealth for your character. Every week of real world time will constitute a week of in game time. A pattern that will continue when we do come round to playing at the table.
If you aren’t interested no problem, but the others will have a monitory head start ;)


Sorry Ty, goblins though cool would raise pitchforks along with eyebrows in this game.
On that note I don’t really want to enforce party alignment restrictions with this one. You can make whatever choice you want, I won’t stop you, but there will still be consequences. An LG paladin and a NE necromancer will never believably work together. They will probably kill each other in fact. Who ever dies gets to make a new character.
Same too if you don have a trap finder (fuck I love the trapper ranger idea), and you try to open that chest, well the trap is still going to go off.
I’d rather have everyone experience why we do things the way we do, than tell you ‘no you can’t do that, you have to be the cleric’. And since in the downtime system you can retrain your class levels among so many other things, I hope it is rare that you feel pigeonholed. In fact the only two things not retrainable I have noticed are your race and how you assign your starting character stats.

Combat Training
Prereq: BAB 8
Benefit: Gain +1 to your base attack bonus.
Special: You may take this feat twice.

Advanced Combat Training
Prereq: Fighter level 8, Combat training
Benefit: Gain +1 to your base attack bonus.

These two feats will in essence allow a full bab character (fighter, barb, paladin) to increase their BAB to 9, and allow a fighter the cap stone ability to get a third attack at 11/6/1. Any multiclass characters will use a fractional BAB system so a fighter 1, cleric 1, rogue 1 will have 1.75+.5=2.25 or +2 BAB.

On the multiclass note. Since there are no 9th level characters (fighters for example) available to help retrain your 8th level class (fighter), you will want to finalize that part of your build before you hit the 8th level point of no return. Shannon had talked about a monk 1/ inquisitor 7 for example. A multiclass build will nev be able to get capstone feats.

I just sent invites to a google doc of feats. I modified them to work to level 8 instead of 6. Let me know if you think they are unbalanced or if there is too much power creep. Barbarians get dr2/-, rangers get hide in plain sight within fav terrain, and fighters (you finally get your comeuppance) and get a third attack. I’m not sure how that stacks up against a flurrying monk though. 6/6/1/1 (add Combat training x2 to this) with a D10. -3 to hit seems like a decent trade off for a 4th attack.

I think I might post a tested/revised/organized copy on the paizo boards and earn me some nerd cred,

Ok after further research here is what I’ve come up with.

An idiot, no matter how low their intelligence is still going to be in the humanoid/familiar/cohort range. That excludes reskinning a horse. Cohorts, though the best and eventual choice are not available until 7th, unless you have proficiency in all martial weapons (in which case you can get a squire at 3rd). That leaves us with slaves and hirelings. I would only allow you a slave if you chose to play an evil character. What’s more a slave costs 100GP (higher than your lvl 1 budget) and would raise more than eyebrows with the majority of the town you are in. That leaves you with a hireling. They range from 1-3 GP per day. I would give you one for 1GP, basically the cost of keeping him fed, clothed, and sheltered. Pretty good deal for a man servant.
However, hirelings don’t normally follow you into the dungeon, or if they do they are strictly noncombat/ out of harms way types. So what I think we can do is this. He follows you around happily doing your bitch work, but cowering any time there is danger until 7th. At which point he has his Heros Epiphany (you take leadership) and now fiercely defends you in combat while you cling precariously to his back! Subsequently you no longer have to pay in gold as the feat took care of that.

Well though the towns people are neutral good there is ultimately nothing stopping you all from creating a second evil party to compete against. There are a lot of new adventurers in town who run the alignment gamut.

Traits are in, however I would like to use the background generator in ultimate campaign as a good guideline for picking story driven traits. Remember role playing, over roll playing.

if you choose a third trait then I will choose a drawback for you that I think fits the thematics, story, and power level for your character.

Finally in a game where early character finalization means a higher starting wealth by level and the trait Rich Parents give you an extra 900GP to invest in your businesses, I’ve decided that Rich Parents is a bit OP. Therefore if you would like to take it (and you are still welcome to) then that will be the only trait for that character.

I hope this can still work for everyone’s character concept.

The Delves